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Our Clients

Your Partner in Finding an Office Space in Utah

We put our clients first, ALWAYS!

We are committed to your success. We have a proven track record of doing the right thing for our clients at the expense of our own income because it’s the right thing to do. We are guided by the principles of treating people right and good things will come.

Attention to Detail

Noticing Every. Single. Detail. is our specialty. From complicated leases to estoppels, SNDA’s, and operating expenses, we make sure you have someone watching out for your best interests on all fronts. It’s nice to know you have an expert looking over everything to find the right office space in Utah, so you can be free to run your business.

Lease Administration Services Free of Charge

Lease administration is the term used for saying ‘who’s paying attention to our lease?’. We are. We have proprietary software that keeps track of all of your lease details including rent increases, option to renew deadlines, lease expiration dates, critical dates and everything in between. You’ll never miss something because someone forgot a deadline. As commercial real estate agents, we’re your watchdogs.

Over 20 Years of Experience

There is no accounting for experience. At Office Space Experts we have over 20 years of commercial real estate experience. From brokerage, sales, leasing, property management, project management and investment analysis, we’ve got you covered with any real estate issue. We’ve seen it all and can help you avoid pitfalls that inexperienced agents may not recognize. Don’t trust your real estate to anyone else.

Contact us for free lease administration services.

Lease administration is something you should never ignore. Let us do it for free. We’ll make sure you are aware of critical dates, pay the correct amount, and watch out for your operating expenses. Contact us for a free evaluation and lease administration services. You’ll be glad you did!