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Leasing an Office Space in Utah

For most businesses, rent is the 2nd most expensive line item on a P&L surpassed only by payroll. Management of a lease portfolio by a professional who knows the leasing business inside and out is a critical component of controlling costs, yet it is often one of the most overlooked services available to tenants. With our tenant representation services comes a team focused on every aspect of negotiating an office lease in Utah, not just the signing of it. You will get comprehensive representation that doesn’t stop when the lease is signed.

  • We offer real-time information about every lease in your portfolio, even if your portfolio is simply one lease.
  • We notify you of critical dates and when decisions are needed to ensure you preserve all the rights we have fought hard to negotiated into the lease.
  • We offer lease operating expense audits FOR FREE. This is a major area of cost savings that is so often ignored when leasing an office space. Last year alone 86% of the audits we completed for our clients had errors that resulted in credits back to our clients. Of those 86%, the average savings to our clients was 68.3% of the original amount charged by the Landlord. One client saved over $100,000 with one of these audits.
  • We offer notification of rent changes (increases or decreases) so you can make sure you are paying the correct amount.
  • We offer annual rent audits to our clients to make sure they were not overcharged due to a mistake in property management.

With our team overseeing your lease, your costs are reduced, mistakes are prevented and you get a professional watching over your 2nd most expensive item to your business. Isn’t it time you were delighted with your real estate agent? We think so too!