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Dependable Tenant Representation Services You Deserve

There are a lot of commercial real estate agents out there, but none like our team. We distinguish ourselves from the rest of the industry by providing services that most companies do not provide. We don’t charge for these services but they will save you money. We are tired of the typical “churn and burn” transaction broker mentality in our industry.

While we do everything a transaction broker does, as a tenant representation agent in Utah, we offer a full range of mid-lease services that are often overlooked by everyone else. These services include rent audits, operating expense audits, lease administration services, project oversight for tenant improvement construction, document reviews and virtually everything else in between.

Auditing your operating expenses is vital for your business because it provides you with essential information about certain factors that potentially hold your business back. This process can be valuable to your bottom line.

An operating expense audit by a tenant representative can revealerrors and over-billing from your rental payments, which include the following expenses:

  • Common-area maintenance
  • Tax bills
  • Building maintenance costs
  • Insurance costs

Last year alone 86% of the operating expense audits we did had errors in them that resulted in rent credits back to my clients.

Of those audits, the average savings to my clients was 68.3% of what they were originally charged by the Landlord.

According to BOMA, up to 75% of Landlord reconciliations have errors. These should never be overlooked.

If done properly, an operating expense audit will help you better understand where your funds are going and if they have been used accordingly. You’ll also know the true maintenance cost for the building you use based on your business’s habits and needs.

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